Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions provided by us indicate the legal agreements between our customers and the company. To use all the services provided by Prime Writing, whether online or offline, you are bound to agree with these terms and conditions. Some parts of terms and conditions are only for the indication of our company’s features and processing, which are not applied for you until you sign up with our website for getting exclusive services to from us.

Before getting our services, we request all our customers to read each section of our terms and conditions to get satisfied with our policies, which have been placed by the company for own safety and customer surety.

Uniqueness of content

For confirmation of original and unique content for our customers, we provide originality checking reports if needed by customers. These reports are Turnitin that offer checking of plagiarism in the material which is not gated by the search engine. It also includes the algorithm-based plagiarism report of Turnitin.

The content present in pictures, videos, or pages which is not approved by the search engine will not be included in the Turnitin reports.

We will provide a plagiarism report which will show the original content written by us, and it is our guarantee for customers to write original text, But if you require more detailed and in-depth plagiarism checking for your content than Turnitin, then we will welcome to share your reports of plagiarism from any software so that we can make changes accordingly. All the content or work delivered to you after the final review will be your asset and your duty.

Adjustment Policy

Prime Writing holds the authority to perform any alteration in its terms and conditions at any time due to specific change policies formed by the company without updating the customers.

Nature of This website

Our website functions to provide content writing services for companies, businesses, and individual customers for their sites. Prime Writing is serving it all clients through this site only as we are a content writing agency.

Order Appointment

Once you place your order with us, our team of supportive staff will communicate with you for order confirmation. You can place your order with us by visiting our website, filling the simple application form, emailing us or messaging us, or contacting our team. Our team will keep in touch with you to update you about your order processing.

Please ensure that you write all your requirements and necessary detail while ordering services form our company so that our team can propel your order for further processing.

After order confirmation, our writer’s f concerned field will try to contact you and will maintain contact with you until you receive your final order. You will not submit any orders which are against the human right or related to child abuse, or obscenity. We will turn down your orders immediately if you have above-mentioned requirements.


By registering or subscribing to our services, you accept to our promotional policies to get our updates, promotional emails, and news which are sent by our team for promotional purposes.

Restriction of Liability

Our company shall not be liable for any kind of harm consequential or incidental due to the alleged use of our services or website. We shall not be responsible for damage to your computer or website due to a virus that might get incorporated from using our cookies or websites. Moreover, we will not be liable to you if our site is not available to you due to your internet connections or region. Besides, we will not provide a guarantee of failure of users to get targeted results or things by using our content or services. Once we have safely delivered your work to you, then we shall not share any liability for theft of your content or work by the third person from your website or computer.

Availability of our site

We have designed our website free of costs for providing content writing services for our customers.

We do not provide surety for all-time availability of our website because sometimes it might not be accessible due to temporary interruption. We can suspend or block our site for some time without notifying all clients.

If any person uses our site for any illegal purpose, we will not be liable for his doings, and we might take legal actions against him as per laws to ensure our dignity and honour of the company.

If you have queries related to any things, please contact our customer support service.