Revision Policy

Prime Writing always ensures order completion and hold analysis to confirm all necessary information is included in the content that you requested. Still, sometimes due to reasons, your final order is not the same as what you expected from us. Sometimes, writers might miss your instructions in a rare case, or he might not get cooperation from team members. You might need to get the same content by just messaging us. There is good news for you that if you are not pleased with the content, you can get revisions for getting your expected content. That is the reason why we have designed our revision policy for the contentment of our customers.

Your request approves for revisions only in conditions:

There are the following conditions put down by our company for the revision of your content:

  • If there are formatting problems and some grammar errors or mistakes are still present in your content article, blog, descriptions, etc.
  • If your style or layout is not utilised in a manner you told us
  • The quality of the content is unsatisfactory, including grammar and punctuation errors, wrong tone or style, formatting issues, etc.
  • Your SEO standards are not fully implemented in the content
  • The linking and SEO requirements were not met
  • The writers missed some conditions or requirements provided us while placing your order. But the requirement should be the same as on the initial order to be revised by our team
  • Your required wording or tone is not utilised while arranging your content of marketing
  • New changes or requirements: Once you place an order with us with your requirements, we will be obliged to work on only those conditions throughout our content writing services. Our writers put their skills and time on writing great and quality content for your business or marketing, so we acknowledge the hardships and struggles of our writers. Thus, if you want to put new conditions or changes, then you have to place a new order with us; otherwise, we will not be bound to work on new requirements in the previous order
  • Respond to our questions quickly: Our team will ask questions about reasons why you want a revision and what kind of gaps do you find in our content. If you want revision soon, then reply to us as soon as possible.

If the above issues are in your content, then you are eligible for hitting the content revision button and get your content fully as per your expectations.

How you can request a revision

After you apply for revision, our team will contact you or email you. Please reply to that email with answering questions put forward by our team. Then our team will review your revision request and will send it to our writers. You will get your revised content as our writers will finish it.

At last, we want to amaze you with extraordinary content and get your satisfaction with all our content writing services. It is just like your content requires minor change, so we do these for you. That is our revision policy to deal with all your issues.

If you are not still satisfied with the work or content we provide you after doing free revisions, then you can request for a refund. For getting details, please message us, or you can directly contact us.