Privacy Policy

Prime Writing promises to assure you the full safety of your data, and our company has formulated the privacy policy for customer satisfaction. So, if you have any doubts related to your data, we suggest reading our privacy policy by visiting our official site.

Why have we designed the privacy policy for data of companies and customers?

The real aim of our privacy policy is to elaborate to our clients and businesses how we process their personal information. We make clear about the collection, functioning, execution, and protection of data of companies or clients with the help of our special data protecting the team. If you have concerns about our rules and regulations of policy, you are requested to contact our customers support service, which is available 24 hours to help our needy clients or companies.

Process of personal information of businesses or clients

We ensure you command and process private data of companies or customers via electronic transmission under the below-mentioned laws and regulations:

    • Legal Initiative: Permission
    • Our Aim of the Process is: content marketing
    • Why that is Essential for: contacting you in any case

Hence, we handle your personal data in the secure and safe ways such as:

  • How We Contact You: we communicate you via emails, messages or calls for how much time we store your information, we will retain your personal data for the proceedings of your requests and orders. We will remove it after you cancel our services, or you do not permit further to store your data
  • We never Share Your Data: we never share your personal data for any purpose with any other person without your permission. So, we will not provide a chance of regret to you as we always acknowledge the privacy of your website or business or market by securing and not allowing anyone to access your data
  • l  what Type of Information We need from You: You ask to submit your information by writing an online form on our official website, which you can send to us through messages or emails. Then, we save it in our personal record storing accounts, which are inaccessible for all except the company. There is the following type of data we require from you
    1. Your Full Name
    2. Your Email ID
    3. Your Address
    4. Your Phone Number to Contact You
    5. Your Requirements about the Type of Content You want Us to Write
  • How We Utilise this Data: We utilised the above data to contact you for updates about our packages and services. We keep it safe and secure for a period of more than three months, but it is deleted when you no longer permit it to be safe. We assure you your data will be used to stay in touch with you while doing content writing for your company or website throughout the period of our partnership
  • Where We Store Your Information: Your information is stored in our cloud storage, which is locked with passwords, and passwords are only known to the company. Your email transmission is done through our secure computers


Cookies are data provided on your computer related to your information. We assure you that we never use cookies for recognisable data on your website or any personal data on your computer. We use cookies based on search engines. When you close your search browser, our cookies disappear automatically. We also use persistent cookies, which are in the form of small files that can be stored on your computer drive for a longer time. But these can be terminated by the assistance of your search engines.

Why We use Cookies:

We only use cookies to see your activities on our website so that we can see your interests in our services. It will help us to better our services for you.

Our company has regularised some fundamental rights for our clients, and you can have the following rights or objections.

  • You have the right to get aware of changes to company rules and regulations or policies
  • You will be updated entirely about your content writing projects
  • You can withdraw your consent if you have any concerns about our privacy policy
  • You want any changes we will accept it for content writing
  • You can ask us to remove your data at any time if you want to part away with us
  • You can object to our privacy policy and let us know by contacting us so that we can clear your incertitude
  • You are authorised to complain to us anytime when you consider your data is not handled efficiently by our team at any time.