Refund Policy

PrimeWriting has always been phenomenal in serving its worthy clients by providing magnificent services. The company has designed policies to safeguard its rights. To aware the customer about the rules and regulations the company possesses. Therefore, the company has also provided a refund facility in case of customer dissatisfaction with our work. However, to get the proper refund of the amount, the customer must consider the following terms concerned with company policies towards a refund. If the customer qualified for a refund as per the terms of the company, then the customer can request us for a refund, and we will process the money after wholly analysing the refund request. Before placing the request, read all the terms mentioned above and refund policies carefully so that customer can acknowledge the liabilities and restrictions about our refund policy.

Hence, we provide refunds only in specific conditions and particular cases, which are mentioned below;

  • Order Cancellation: If the customer has changed the mind before the writer has started to work on the project. Then the customer will be qualified for a 100% refund with the exemption of our processing. However, the customer must cancel the order within one hour of placement of the order if the customer has changed the mind not to work with us
  • Late execution of delivery: We have always provided on-time deliveries. However, if, in any rare case, our team is not able to execute the order on-time, then we will be liable to return the money with a cut-down of processing fee
  • Duration of time for a refund: The customer can request us for a refund within a period of 15 days; otherwise, the company will not be responsible for providing a refund after the time frame has passed for a refund. The customer must read the time frame before placing the order for claiming a refund if needed in any case, and the management will first check that the claim for the refund is valid or not.